Current Builds Underway

Electric conversions can be done on any type of classic car.  Here's what we're doing right now.

1972 VW Bus


Here's a 1972 Bay Window VW Van.  We took delivery of this sorry old thing with a 'fresh' paint of poo brown - talk about lipstick on a pig!  But her chassis and running gear were extremely solid, so we figured she'd be a great project! Next step >>


Remove the tired old gasoline engine

She was on her last legs with the original type 3 VW flat four gasoline engine, coughing and spewing out all kinds of filth from the tail pipe.  So it was the first thing to go.  The transmission was in excellent shape though, so we changed the tranny oil, replaced the seals on the axles and overhauled the rear brakes.  We upgraded the front brakes with brand new power-assisted disc brakes and two piston calipers. 

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Give her a quality paint job

We completely stripped the van down to bare metal.  This particular unit was almost rust free, so we treated what was there and painted her in a beautiful electric blue with a white top.  We replaced the old gas burner wheels with some brand new chrome Fuchs-style wheels. 

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Install 7 Tesla batteries

We're breaking the mold with this electric VW Bus.  Rather than compromise the space inside and place weight too high up, we opted instead  to build custom aluminum battery boxes bolted to the floor, in which to secure 7 Tesla Model S batteries.  A new fully functional floor will go over the top, retaining easy access for future battery and cooling system maintenance.  You won't even know the batteries are there! 

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Install motor & electrical system

We mounted a Hyper9 electric motor from Netgain Motors Inc to the VW transmission via a custom aluminum mounting plate.  Then we installed the battery chargers (both 110v and 220v for fast charging), the Battery Management System (BMS), the battery cooling system, and all the other little details to make an EV work. Next step >>

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Test her out!

Here she is, completely finished and ready for some lucky soul surfer to take ownership.  Blue and white for the ocean and the clouds, full custom interior that's the color of the beach, with a full reclaimed teak floor.  She's yours for $60,000  Give us a buzz >>


See the Detail!

Here are some close up shots so you can see the quality of the work.  If you end up owning this baby, prepare to make a LOT of new friends!