Sourcing your dream Classic to electrify

If you don't already own the classic you want, we will find it for you.  Many years experience in automotive means we can find the car you're dreaming of in the most unlikely of places, and get the fairest price for it on your behalf.  


We'll also be able to give you an honest appraisal of the cost of bringing your classic back to life.  

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Partial or full restoration

Once you bring your classic to us (or we find it for you), we get your vision down on paper - the desired level of restoration, component replacements & upgrades, paints, interiors materials...whatever your vision is, we spec it out, get it into the queue and get to work!

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Selection & installation of an all-electric drivetrain

Through careful consultation with you and our partners, we will design the electric drivetrain that best fits your goals of cost, appearance and performance.  We source most of the electric components for your car from our partners who operate close by, EV West and Stealth EV.  Not only can we replace the old gasoline engine, we can ensure that everything runs off the new electric powerplant - power brakes, air conditioning, power steering, you name it! 


Call us anytime on 760-846-1610 to discuss your classic electric conversion project.

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